List of Exhibitors 2017

 Aesthetic Antiques, PA

 Anne Hall Antique Prints, MA

 A Touch of Glass, NJ

 Auerbach & Maffia, PA

 Barrett Gould, NJ

 Becoming Antiques, NJ

Bernie Krauss Antiques, NJ

 Bleecker Street Antiques, NY

 Brentiques, NJ

 Carlese Westock, NJ

 Carol Marks Antiques, NJ

 Collectibles by Joy, NJ

 Dark Flower Antiques, MA

 Diane Freedman. NJ

 Dream Big Vintage, NY

 E Foxe Harrel, NY

 Fry's Antiques, NY

 G.A. Cirillo Antiques, NJ

 Georgain Interiors, NJ

 George Betten, NY

 Gloria M. Lonergan Antiques, NJ

 IMJM Antiques & Vintage Coutore, NJ

 Jack’s Comics, NJ

 James Mercadante Antiques, NJ

 Jamie’s Antiques, NY

 Jetiques, NJ

 John Knight Antiques, NY

up-dated 5/1/18

 Lurlee Shutkin

 Lynn Karp Antiques, NJ

 Main Street Antiques, NJ

 Marc Witus, NJ

 Mars Most Antiques, NJ

 Me ‘n’ My Partner, NJ

 Michael Weinstein Artifacts, NY

 Nemati Collection Rugs and Carpets, NY

 Novarte, Carlo Giovannelli, NY

 Of the Earth, NJ

 P.D. Murphy Antiques, ME

 Respectable Collectibles, NJ

 Restorations By Louis, NJ

 R.M. Worth Antiques Inc., PA

 Roadrunner Antiques & Collectibles, LLC, PA

 Stonehouse Antiques of NJ

 Sugar Princess, NJ

 The Linden House Antiques, DE

 The Villiage Antiques, NY

 Treasures From The Past, MD

 Valley Vintage, NJ

 Vintage Baubles and Bags, NJ

 William Jeffrey Gallery, NJ